Feb 05


Believe it or not-  YOUR HEALTH is determined by YOUR GREAT GRANDMOTHER’S DIET! We have the ability as a human race, through food choices we make today, to reverse the currently increasing rates of chronic disease and ensure the health of future generations merely be STARTING TO EAT WELL NOW! What will it take? A revolution …

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Feb 02


Are EMOTIONS causing your PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS? I found this very interesting chart that is based on the teachings of Louise Hay. Take a close look– do you have elbow, hip, or ankle discomfort? Maybe there is deeper cause that you haven’t considered before? Louise has written wonderful books on the subject as well as a …

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Jan 28


Winter in the USA means increased rates of SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder and one completely safe and effective way to treat it is with LIGHT and COLOR. The visible light we see with our eyes is composed of frequency or “VIBRATIONS” ranging from 420 nanometers (purple) to 760 nanometers (red) and the ultraviolet rays …

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Jan 25

Gum Disease Linked to Breast Cancer

We know how important dental health is for healthy gums and teeth and we even know that infections in the mouth are associated with heart conditions. New research reveals the HEALTH OF YOUR MOUTH is proving to affect the HEALTH OF YOUR WHOLE BODY! The researchers at University of Buffalo’s School of Public Health analyzed …

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Jan 21

TICKS with LYME spreading across the USA

This new article in Scientific America points out that now 45% of counties across the USA now have Lyme disease carrying ticks. At one time the Lyme carrying ticks were only found in the North East as “deer ticks.” Now they have moved west and the western black legged tick of the pacific coast is …

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Jan 20


Our patients are the best!  Our HEARTS are FULL of JOY to be able to serve and support you on your journey to optimal health! We found on the internet that some of you have been saying some very INSPIRING and KIND words about our clinic Tacoma Health– Here are a couple we waned to share …

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Jan 18


Researchers have been touting the benefits of ASPIRIN and IBUPROFEN for cancer prevention, and now DICLOFENAC has potential for ACTUAL CANCER TREATMENT! How is this possible? These are called NSAIDs or Non-Steroidal ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DRUGS… the ANSWER lies in the name itself= ANTI-INFLAMMATORY… they reduce INFLAMMATION! INFLAMMATION is understood to be the ROOT of ALL diseases- …

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Jan 16

Acid Reducers Connected with KIDNEY DISEASE

PRILOSEC, NEXIUM, PREVACID and other ACID REDUCERS now related to KIDNEY DISEASE! These proton pump inhibitors used for ACID REFLUX, GERD, and ULCERS have been given out like candy over the last 30 years because they are so effective in reducing heartburn and related symptoms. HOWEVER THEIR USAGE IS DOCUMENTED TO BE INCREASINGLY WORRISOME. RESEARCH …

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Jan 14


To BE THE BEST the body requires the BEST NUTRITION as FUEL for the body. Our guy of the northwest Russell Wilson enjoys lean protein like chicken and wild fish from local waters. Recently a great article was posted on Tom Brady’s diet: this is about as WHOLISTIC as you can get! VERY IMPRESSIVE! As …

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Dec 23

WATER FAST to Extend your Life!

DISCOVERY MADE! One little trick that is PROVEN to EXTEND YOUR LIFE SPAN, BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM and STIMULATE STEM CELLS for TISSUE REGENERATION! This simple practice can even benefit those on CHEMOTHERAPY by protecting against immune system damage and shifting stem cells from dormancy into an ACTIVE STATE! What is this thousand year old …

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