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A to Z of ZIKA! What you need to know

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zikaA woman from Utah has died from the Zika virus being the first recorded in the USA.  The woman was elderly and had a pre-existing health condition and contracted the virus upon traveling.
With the Olympics coming to the Zika hotspot of Brazil, I’m getting  multiple questions on what one might do to prevent contracture of the virus.
Firstly, there is very little information on how to treat this virus at this point because it is a newly emerging epidemic.  The acute symptoms are characterized by a fever, rash, joint pain and malaise.  It is potentially lethal to those with underlying health conditions, the elderly, and children as in any flu condition.   However, some people are just carriers and experience no symptoms or very mild symptoms.  The condition seems to be self-limiting however researchers have documented living virus in the male semen 62 days after the acute infection.  Because it can cause birth defects in the newborn baby-  those at most risk are women who are pregnant, and BOTH male and female couples seeking to become pregnant-  because the virus can be PASSED SEXUALLY.  It is recommended that women should practice abstinence or use condoms for six months after their partner’s travel or, if already pregnant, for the duration of the pregnancy.
I looked up the shape of the virus and it seems to be similar in structure to the dengue, yellow fever, and West Nile viruses.  Therefore it is possible that the same treatment that has been beneficial for these types of viruses could also be favorable for Zika.  Here are some natural alternative treatments and their appropriate doses for prevention-  contraction would be a much higher dosage.   If you are traveling to an area endemic with Zika then start these treatments one week prior:
1)  goldenseal capsules 1 on rising and 1 before bed
2) papaya leaf juice or papaya enzymes: 3 on rising and 3 before bed
3) wheat grass juice dehydrated powder concentrate-  1 serving in pure pomegranate juice on rising and before bed
4) cilantro also known as coriander leaves capsules or tincture or tea: 2  servings on rising and before bed
5) basil leaves capsules or tincture or tea: 2 servings on rising and before bed
Those who are planning to travel to areas with Zika should consult their physician or a travel clinic and consider postponing non-essential travel. Pregnant women residing in countries with active transmission should consult their healthcare providers for advice and follow strict measures to prevent mosquito bites.

Travelers with immune disorders or severe chronic illnesses should consult their doctors or seek advice from a travel clinic before travelling, particularly with regard to effective prevention measures.  Similar protective measures apply to a symptomatic patients in order to prevent human-to-mosquito-to-human transmission.


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