Aug 13

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Testosterone Therapy Isn’t All It’s “Pumped” Up To Be

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LOW T? Testosterone Therapy Is NOT Proving To Be Helpful

couple_bedFrom Erectile Dysfunction to treating weakness, flabby muscles, to motivation and drive- the pharmaceutical industry has been having a huge PAY DAY with advertising around “Low-T.”

But a major new study led by endocrinologist Dr. Shalender Bhasin gave 306 men over the age of 60 (all of whom had low to normal levels of testosterone) either testosterone gel or a placebo every day for three years. They found NO IMPROVEMENT in symptoms between the two groups!

Bhasin explained that the benefits of testosterone therapy are clear for men who have “unequivocally low testosterone” because of testicular or pituitary issues- but it is NOT helping these other advertised sexual benefits.

This finding strikes a blow to the multibillion dollar industry that has sprung up around testosterone in recent years. Pharmaceutical companies and for-profit clinics have reaped huge profits by convincing relatively healthy men that taking supplemental hormones will make them stronger, more attractive and more virile.

As I have shared with my patients, DID YOUR GREAT GREAT GRANDFATHER TAKE TESTOSTERONE THERAPY? The answer is a resounding– NO! They ate well and exercised by working hard with their body; the two best ingredients for a healthy natural testosterone level!

In our clinic we still check testosterone levels for MEN and WOMEN, but we treat with food and by improving the FUNCTION of the organs and glands so they can produce their OWN OPTIMAL LEVELS of these healthy HORMONES.

I will prescribe NATURAL testosterone if the numbers are greatly reduced, but in my professional experience I RARELY see this resulting in a greater sense if stamina, virility or sexual drive. Instead, testosterone is given for a short period of time to ensure that the hormone is present for other METABOLIC PROCESSES. Hormones are proven beneficial for the whole body from bones to brains– not just our sexual organs. I expand upon this in my book Nature’s Diet in chapter 20- Sex.

Come see us at the clinic Tacoma Health 253-752-7377 and get your testosterone and other hormones checked today!

Be Well~

Dr. Andrew Iverson

Article Source: Huffington Post

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