Mar 01

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2962762666_1237ff6eb4_o (1)COLON cancer, BREAST cancer & PROSTATE cancer.

Lycopene is a carotene found in guavas, watermelons and cooked tomatoes. It actually works by lowering a molecule called Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1) which higher levels are associated with cancer proliferation.

ALSO- most interesting, not only does LYCOPENE lower IGF-1 but so does FASTING!. Decreasing intake of food and allowing 16 hours between your last meal and your first meal ALSO LOWERS IGF-1. This means that you can have a DOUBLE CANCER PREVENTION by eating foods higher in lycopene and reducing the amount of food and being aware of when you eat it.

This is all really so interesting to me as I am coming by so much great research on the power of fasting and switching to MONO-DIETS (the consumption of only one type of food for a given time period)- in this case a mono-diet of papaya for a day for example. I’m going to make it all available to you soon enough- Nature’s Detox will explain how we can extend life and reduce illness and disease by following Nature’s simple plan.


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