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Nature’s Detox Herbal Intestinal Cleanse


Intestinal Cleanse Part 1

Intestinal Cleanse Part 1: Exterminate

This three part formula contains botanicals which have been scientifically proven to eliminate parasites like pinworm, hookworm, roundworm, tapeworm and tropical parasites responsible for malaria and other infections.  These plants also combat a wide range of bacteria, fungus, yeast, and viruses that can otherwise result in gastric ulcers and intestinal and liver inflammatory conditions.  This formula Part 1 is highly recommended to use in combination with Intestinal Cleanse Part 2 and Part 3 to ensure any bound biological toxins are expelled in a timely manner and not re-absorbed in the large intestine.

The plants selected for this Nature’s Detox Intestinal Cleanse Part 2 have been exclusively selected for their ability to activate movement and eliminate stagnation.  EVACUATETM is a combination of herbs with anti-spasmodic and laxative properties perfect for calming digestive gases and promoting the expulsion of wastes out of the intestine.  This formula Part 2 is essential to use in combination with Intestinal Cleanse Part 1 and Part 3 as it will promote the timely removal of wastes from the body as the other two cleanses are eradicating microbes and binding onto heavy metals and other chemical toxins.

I have especially formulated this Nature’s Detox Intestinal Cleanse Part 3TM to draw and remove internally made wastes and externally acquired toxins.  For this reason I have named it ALLEVIATETM as the plants and clays have been shown to reduce and alleviate inflammation in the digestive tract as well as adhere to pollutants and alleviate the burden of heavy metals and other chemical residues.  This formula Part 3 is highly recommended to use in combination with Intestinal Cleanse Part 1 and Part 2 to ensure any bound toxins are expelled in a timely manner and not re-absorbed in the large intestine.

The combination of elements I have chosen for this formula have scientifically shown to act like a magnetic vacuum adhering or “adsorbing” heavy metals like lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium, medication residues, volatile organic compounds, PCBs, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones xenoestrogens, uric acid, biological toxins like bacteria and venoms and even radioactive wastes like cesium, radium and strontium to name a few.

Secondarily, when activated with water the plant fibers swell and become a slippery mass of mucilage incredibly soothing to the digestive tract.  As it moves thorough the intestinal tract it will soften and remove hardened stool and mucus that can inflame the membranes and result in irritability, irregularity and constipation or diarrhea.  This bolus of fiber and water acts as a “gelatinous broom” that sweeps and removes debris along the way.  This cleansing of the intestinal wall promotes better assimilation of nutrition and better elimination of waste and prevents against the build-up of painful diverticulae, “bowel pockets,” which lead to diverticulitis.

Nature’s Detox Herbal Urinary Cleanse


Urinary tract infections (UTIs) account for millions of doctor visits yearly and are the second most common infection next to upper respiratory tract infections.  Antibiotics are the first line of therapy in such infections however their overuse has led to antibiotic resistance and the emergence of deadly superbugs for which there is no treatment.  Antibiotics can also cause candida infections in some individuals.  The plants in this formula have a dual ability to fight bacterial infections and also inhibit the growth of pathogenic yeasts causing urethritis and vaginitis.

Because of this concern for resistance, I have formulated ERADICATETM; a combination of herbs with strong antiseptic and antibacterial activity chosen to inactivate and wash away bacteria and other infectious agents.  ERADICATETM is compounded with plants that have the highest content of active anti-microbial molecules and have been proven to eradicate pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts and parasites.   Disinfecting the urinary system of infectious agents removes this burden from the immune system and frees the white blood cells so they can focus on healing the body.

Part two, URINATETM of Nature’s Detox Urinary Cleanse is a combination of botanicals that have been proven to pull water from congested tissues and expel it from the body.  Feeling “swollen,” “bloated,” and “tight” is due to the body holding onto water weight making us artificially look and feel fat.  This powerful herbal diuretic excretes this stagnant water so we can expel the chemicals and toxins stuck in the tissues and reduce inflammation.

These plants are loaded with potent diuretic molecules that have proven to be as strong as diuretic drugs by increasing the flow of water through the kidneys and out the bladder.  This action cleanses the urinary system like spray-washing mud off a car.  Turning up the water through the urinary system can benefit chronic kidney conditions, irritable bladder, prostate congestion, and even bedwetting.  Reducing water retention eliminates edema, drops weight, and lowers blood pressure thus protecting against heart and cerebrovascular disease.

I have specifically formulated Nature’s Detox Urinary Cleanse Part 3 to dissolve and dissipate the waste products that have consolidated to form gravel and stones in the kidneys and bladder.  I went through dozens of research articles identifying which plants are not just used in folk medicine to dissolve stones, but which ones are scientifically proven to dissolve stones.  Finally I found the perfect combination of plants to put in this formula named LIQUIDATETM for its ability to disintegrate conglomerates of bacteria, mineral, protein and acid wastes and dispel them out of the body.

Calcium stones are caused from an excess of calcium oxalate, struvite stones from infections, uric acid and cysteine stones from excess proteins.  Oxalate can be converted from “glyoxal” found in beer and wine, brandy, whiskey, bread, toast, soy sauce, coffee and fats and cooking oils heated at high temperatures.  Therefore a diet high in glyoxal byproducts can lead to oxalate stones.

The same plants that dissolve and disintegrate the mineral and chemical deposits in the kidneys also seem to have an effect upon the health of the joints.  The plants in this formula have been studied to benefit rheumatoid and osteoarthritis and have also been shown to reduce uric acid thereby protecting against the inflammatory processes of gout, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Nature’s Detox Herbal Liver Cleanse


Part 1 of the Nature’s Detox Liver CleanseTM is formulated with herbs that have a powerful ability to kill off microbes from bacteria and fungus to viruses and parasites.  For this impressive action of eliminating invaders it has been named ELIMINATETM.   The plants primarily have an anti-viral action and have shown in multiple studies to eliminate viruses associated with hepatitis, herpes, warts, respiratory infections, intestinal infections and even HIV.  The same plants have shown powerful anti-microbial activity to eliminate fungus, yeast, and candida infections as well as bacterial infections like E coli, H pylori and even antibiotic resistant bacteria like MRSA.   Even parasites from amoebas and protozoal infections to roundworm and tapeworm infections have shown to be eliminated by this potent collection of herbs.

Taking bitter herbs have shown to improve digestion and nutrient assimilation while eliminating gas, bloating, bad breath, and irregular stools.  I always recommend my patients to take the bitter herbs directly in the mouth for the most profound action.  With this formula Part 1 and Part 2, I recommend taking at least one (or more) of the daily capsules opened into water and drunk down so the bitter flavor on the tongue can activate the vagus nerve.

Liver Cleanse Part 2:  STIMULATETM

STIMULATETM the liver and gallbladder to express BILE.   The bitter plants stimulate the vagus nerve to increase salivation, promote acid and enzyme production in the stomach and pancreas and stimulate bile flow from the liver and gallbladder.  Historically these plants were given to ameliorate digestive conditions like indigestion, biliousness, bloating, burping, and gas.

I compounded the herbs in this formula specifically for their ability to express bile from a congested liver and dissolve sediment from the gallbladder. This further prevents the removal of poisons from the blood stream. Bitter herbs promote the liver to dump its reservoir of toxins by stimulating the flow of bile out of the gallbladder.  Bitter substances are more powerful if they are directly tasted in the mouth.  I always recommend my patients to take the bitter herbs directly in the mouth for the most profound action.  With this formula Part 2 and Part 1, I recommend taking at least one (or more) of the daily capsules opened into water and drunk down so the bitter flavor on the tongue can activate the vagus nerve.

Liver Cleanse Part 3:  REGENERATETM

The plants compounded into this Nature’s Detox Liver Cleanse Part 3 have been exclusively selected for their profound levels of antioxidants.  These super doses of antioxidants quench free radicals and protect the liver against the damaging effects of chemical toxins and poisons.  I have named this formula REGENERATETM because some of these plants have such powerful healing capabilities they have been shown to promote cellular regeneration of the liver.  These antioxidants have shown to reverse scarring and fibrotic conditions of the liver even when it has been injured from alcohol, drugs or prescription medications.

I formulated this combination as a safe and gentle means of taking Nature’s antioxidant nutrients over a long period of time.  This will be particularly beneficial when taken in combination or alternation with the antioxidants delivered in Nature’s Detox Urinary Cleanse Part 3TM and Nature’s Diet Phyto-OxTM for long term protection of the body’s most sensitive organs and glands.   The liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, ovaries and testes, thyroid and brain will be given maximum protection from the oxidative damage of heavy metals, household chemicals, industrial pollutants, pesticides, hormones and additives in our foods and the whole cocktail of environmental poisons that we encounter every day.

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