Feb 15

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CLAY more effective than ANTIBIOTICS

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We may have heard of using CLAYS to draw toxicity from the skin oKisolite-Clayr ingesting it to pull bacterial infections from the gut.  Studies made on a clay found in Kisameet Bay, British Columbia, and used by the Heiltsuk Nation has demonstrated antibacterial activity more potent than that of modern-day antibiotics!
The Heiltsuks discovered the grey-green clay known as kisolite thousands of years ago. Ever since, they’ve used it to cure ulcerative colitis, arthritis, neuritis, phlebitis, skin irritations and burns.

When suspended in water, the naturally occurring clay can kill 16 strains of “ESKAPE” bacteria, which “cause the majority of US hospital infections and effectively “escape” the effects of antibacterial drugs,” according to a research paper published in Clinical Infectious Diseases.

In other words, this ancient clay could be a natural cure for some bacteria that escape the effect of antibiotics and are therefore potentially deadly. At this time, infections caused by ESKAPE strains of bacteria cannot be cured by modern medicine and significantly contribute to the rate of mortality in hospitals.

Currently in the clinic we will utilize one of multiple clays, charcoals, and diatomaceous earth to clear digestive infections or topically for skin infections.  Come see us if you are interested in utilizing a clay that we have or maybe one that you have at home.

source: http://www.naturalnews.com/052966_medicinal_clay_antibiotic-resistant_superbugs_Native_Americans.html

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