Jun 23

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Artificial Sweeteners Cause DIABETES!

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artificial-sweetener-diabetesDIABETICS should THINK TWICE before drinking that “DIET COKE” or eating that “SUGAR FREE DESSERT.” A new study finally indicates what the natural practitioners have been warning the world for a long time–ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS CAN ACTUALLY CAUSE DIABETES! Take a look at this and tell all your diabetic friends to STOP these chemical sugars!

“Elinav and Segal’s team observed that mice given a 10 percent solution of one of three types of commonly consumed commercial artificial sweeteners—saccharin, sucralose (Splenda), or aspartame—in place of regular drinking water had elevated blood-glucose levels after 11 weeks compared to mice given either a 10 percent glucose solution or water alone.”

Read the article from The Scientist by clicking here!

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