Feb 05

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Believe it or not-  YOUR HEALTH is determined by YOUR GREAT GRANDMOTHER’S DIET!

We have the ability as a human race, through food choices we make today, to reverse the currently increasing rates of chronic disease and ensure the health of future generations merely be STARTING TO EAT WELL NOW!

What will it take? A revolution in how we eat — with girls and women as tdeliveryhe focus.

Why? Because a woman’s nutrition before conception and during pregnancy, combined with her infant’s nutrition, affect not just that child’s lifelong health, BUT THE HEALTH OF HER CHILD’s FUTURE CHILDREN and GRANDCHILDREN. In other words, what happens in the first 1,000 days after conception can affect the next 100 years!  Studies show that our susceptibility to chronic diseases from thyroid conditions to osteoporosis to even cancer was partially determined by the lifestyle and diet of our great grandmother and has only passed down through the generations.  The protective factor was quality of the nutrition (particularly food rich in trace minerals) eaten by the pregnant mother and the newborn (including breast feeding).

Leading the charge to change the way society thinks about food, is the Moore Institute for Nutrition & Wellness at Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU).  The Moore Institute is targeting “high-calorie malnutrition,” which comes from a diet HIGH in SUGAR and FAT but LOW IN NUTRIENTS. A nutrient-rich diet is important before and during pregnancy, because the nutrients available to a fetus determine how it will grow, including how its organs develop and body’s systems (such as the cardiovascular system) function. Essentially, a mother’s diet during pregnancy “programs” how vulnerable her child will be to disease later in life.

This programming is due to EPIGENETICS — the link between our environment and our genes. If your genome — all of your DNA — is your “hardware,” your epigenome would be your software. Epigenetic programming doesn’t actually change your genes, but it can turn them on and off. For example, you may inherit genes that predispose you to a certain disease, but if those genes are “turned off,” you may end up with the same level of risk of someone who didn’t inherit those genes. Your epigenome can be programmed all through your life span, but your exposures to nutrition and stress before birth and during infancy are the most powerful.
Therefore.. I can’t say it enough…. It is so important for us all to eat the diet of our ancestors as I have written in Nature’s Diet.  And for future generations to protect against a chronic disease pandemic (which I feel is happening all around us and will continue to worsen) we must teach our children how to eat properly and cook for themselves and to avoid eating a diet rich in processed food.
The time to treat heart disease, cancer, thyroid disease, autoimmune disease, anemia, osteoporosis,  etc etc isn’t when it shows up… it is when we are just born- and to continue onto our future generations-
Be Well- Dr. Iverson
Oregon Researcher breakthrough in nutrition

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