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Southern India

ayurveda medicine india

AYURVEDA! I am in the birthplace of Ayurvedic medicine, India’s highly respected form of natural medicine.

I received the most invigorating treatment from this great master last night. He is the third generation practicing a special technique of massage using herbal infused oils to bring detoxification and healing. The day after my treatment I went back and shared with him how we test the body to find homeopathic remedies; another highly embraced medicine here in India.




Rice paddies and coconut tree canals!

We are canoeing through India’s canals lined with coconut trees and emerald green rice paddies. These famous backwaters allow one to experience the simple life of villagers whose diet mainly consist of fish, papaya, coconut, and of course – RICE!

An Ancient Civilization

An Ancient Civilization built these amazing structures amid the granite boulders in the year 1332- it is now a World Heritage Site in the village of Hampi, India. We are breath taken by this most bewitching landscape that makes one feel they have been sent back into time in to visit another world.


 Happy Dussehra from India!

We are witnessing the most magical and beautiful of celebrations in this most colorful and vibrant country on their special holy day. This festival culminates a nine day Navarathri festival of lights and flowers. Even the temple elephant Lakshmi is visibly excited to be adorned in gold and admired for the big day!

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