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Dominican Republic

A Dream Becomes a Reality! Nutrition Center in Dominican is Educating and Feeding the Needy, February 2015

I’m back from the Dominican Republic and wanted to share some photos. The nutrition center is up and running! We are serving one healthy meal a week to these dear people in need. Thank you for your kind gifts to make this happen.

We also took blood pressures, blood sugars, and gave consultations to those in most need. We found FOUR undiagnosed diabetics with blood sugars ranging from 300-400 — they never knew… We even discovered an individual with undiagnosed Grave’s disease- a condition where the thyroid releases too much hormone causing serious implications. Counseling them on diet and the consistent use of medication were the most important recommendations to prevent these conditions from escalating. Much thanks to Yolanda Valera @facebook.com/TheSpanishCenter, and a big thank you to my medical assistant and good friend Jesse Simmons who took blood sugar readings and created his own project DR facebook site to bring awareness to the needy people of this nation @facebook.com/pages/Project-DR/578745902243208

YES! We even talked about teeth! We gave instructions to the children how to properly brush and floss- and some were very excited to get up on stage and share with everyone what they had learned. Big Thanks to Dr. George Grobins and his staff for sending down enough toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss for the entire community!

Thanksgiving in the Dominican, 2014

We have so much to be thankful for, especially when so many globally do not have enough to eat. This marks a special day because our nutrition center in the Dominican Republic has opened! Look how happy these children are to eat a quality meal! Because of a dream of local humanitarian, Yolanda Valera, and support of our patients this center has become a reality!

Julie goes to the Dominican to teach about GREEN DRINKS! August 2014

Our Amazing staff member Julie is packing up to leave for the Dominican to get the NUTRITION CENTER up and running! We need your help! Please bring by any common non-breakable household items that we can use in the center. Blankets, sheets, plastic plates/cups, utensils, towels, tupperware containers etc etc etc… anything you have to donate. We also need to raise about $1000 more dollars to purchase the refrigerator, stove, and finish construction of the beds and tables.

Julie is finally in the Dominican with the group of children seeing how they like the new “banana green smoothies” that will be made in the nutrition center. The children are making thank you cards to all of you who made cash donations to this cause- thank you everyone!

My First Visit to the Dominican, May 2014

THANK YOU FOR ALL HELP AND DONATIONS! Gracias a ustedes por ayudarles! I have just come back from the Dominican Republic and took your gifts of crayons, coloring books, play dough, dollies and matchbox cars in addition to multivitamins, shampoo, soap, toothpaste and many other necessities. When we arrived these sweet children were awaiting as if it was Christmas. When I asked if they could sing a song they sang “Happy Birthday”– very fitting because it was like that for all of them, a very important day.

[ Watch the Happy Birthday Video Here! ]

What we take for granted is such a big deal for these folks. Literally they were crying to have soap and shampoo and toothpaste as it is a rare commodity and the multivitamins were like gold. Do you feel called to help? I know that for me it is an undying urge to give whatever I can. We are working to create a “nutrition center”– a place where these young minds can have at least one decent meal a day. It is literally nothing for us but a huge advantage in their developing brains. They are unable to think and process in school properly on rice alone. With your help we can do this around the world…this is just the beginning.

So here is the plan. This is the home we found to rent in this community for just $120 a month. With the help of our organizer Yolanda Valera, we are able to make sure the money gets to where it needs to go.  We need about $300 a month to provide all the food, sustenance clothing, hygiene, and miscellaneous nutritional needs (multivitamins, antibiotics, etc) for the most needy of needy- enough to make sure this program gets going- We are planning on further acquiring land to grow food and eventually a make shift clinic to triage necessary care. Do you want to help? Does your church or community want to help? Just $20 will be a huge gift! You can send it to our clinic and I’ll rest assured make sure it gets in the right hands– and I’ll post the progress. For gifts of $100 or more I’ll have the children send you a hand colored thank you card- how special is that?! Please come by and donate- we are looking to start with one year of sustaining this organization.

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