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Where in the World is Dr. I Now?

I’m here in the mountains of south Colombia and I am so excited to be working with these amazing Catholic nuns who are also nurses!  They work with some of the very poorest of the poorest and we are having a class on NUTRITION.

I’m teaching them how to get the highest sources of nutrients in the foods that are the least expensive–like eggs and how to prepare them properly (boiling and not frying or scrambling).  I’m also showing them photos of how we make juices from grasses (wheatgrass juice) so they might do the same with some of their local plants.

They are so interested in why I tell patients to avoid soy bean oil and corn oil and instead use their local coconut or palm oil.  I’m also encouraging them to drink more water and to drink it away from meals and only to eat fruit on an empty stomach.  We finished up by learning what plant medicines to use for parasitic infections!

Classes in Columbia!

I’m teaching classes to my nurse friends here in Colombia, and they are doing great! The Catholic nuns asked me for non-pharmacological techniques for pain as well as alternative treatments for anxiety and depression. So, we worked on using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which calms the nervous system by “tapping” acupuncture points to bring relief to nervous tension, anxiety, and pain.  I also showed them how to use simple Muscle Energy Techniques (MET) to increase range of motion and relieve muscle pain in the neck, back and shoulders. The photos show them getting their first lesson in a Kinesiology examination, which they’ll be doing some fun testing with later!

Plant Medicine in the Andes

I made a trek into the beautiful hill sides of Southern Colombia to meet this wise farmer Don Luiz, who has been making plant medicines for 42 years from the plants he grows and harvests.  He had remedies for everything from eye infections to asthma to heart disease and tumors.  Interestingly, many of the plants that he used we also use in the clinic for similar conditions, both of us with great success!  He sent me home with a souvenir gift of one of his special bars of soaps made from coconut oil.

Magnets in the Mountains!

These dear Catholic nuns are teaching me the POWER of MAGNET THERAPY!

Resources are rare here in the mountains of south Colombia and these nurse nuns are well trained in a therapy utilizing the positive and negative fields of magnets to balance the fields in the body as well as balance the pH acid-alkaline balance.  The therapy was discovered by Dr. Isaac Goiz from Mexico and they tell me they are using this therapy SUCCESSFULLY for INFECTIONS, lung infections, viral infections, urinary infections and PARASITIC INFECTIONS.  They also use the magnets for PAIN, DEPRESSION, and FATIGUE.  What we are doing here is taking their therapy and making it even more accurate by asking the body what specific pole under which specific meridian or acupuncture point is required for the desired effect.  The red pole represents the south or positive ion pole and the black represents the north or negative ion pole.

Slug Slime the Next Cure-All?

Ooooohhhhh….I just do not like at all getting the slime of a slug or snail on me– its just yuck.. and hard to get off!

Well… I came across a real doozy today… I’m in the mountains of Colombia doing research on traditional healers and found this man selling SLUG SLIME to cure everything from cough and cold, lung conditions, migraines and headaches to all types of muscle spasms and aches and pains….and even to make wrinkles go away!

He tried to rub one of these big yucky slimy things on my face and I just pulled back and instead quickly bought a bottle of his slug slime to keep him at peace…

I did a little research and I found that this guy is onto something! These slime is actually packed with with nutrients like hyaluronic acid, glycoproteins, antimicrobial peptides, and proteoglycans. These are commonly used as “anti-aging” ingredients in high level beauty products and all have been shown to stimulate immunity. It also can stimulate the production of elastin and collagen and stimulate increased proliferation of fibroblasts which means YOUNGER SKIN

It turns out their SLIME is ALSO ANTIMICROBIAL! It has a strong antibacterial effect against several strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus.

Well I’m not ready to run out and rub SNAIL SLIME on my face… but you might be ready after reading this ! Do some more research on your own, but we may have a new panacea on our hands!


Move Over Probiotic Supplements

I’ve been doing so much research for this new book release of Nature’s Detox and I am continually reminded that NATURE’s FOODS are FAR and ABOVE more POWERFUL than MAN-MADE FOODS or SUPPLEMENTS.

Previous studies showed there were only a few common species of bacteria found in SAUERKRAUT fermentation, however now with more sophisticated DNA testing, science is revealing there are actually MANY MORE STRAINS OF HEALTHY BACTERIA than previously reported.*  This means FERMENTED FOODS are MUCH MORE POTENT than standard PROBIOTICS offering a much more potent gut immune response for allergies and protection against infections.   Just goes to show that our SCIENCE is CHANGING all the TIME!

I am here with the Catholic nuns in Colombia having a cooking class to make fermented foods at home.  It is soooo easy!  (You can find the recipe in Nature’s diet Cookbook along with other fermented foods.)   In Colombia as in other poor parts of the world, not only are bacterial infections high but so are parasitic infections.  They do not have regular access to clean water or medication.  Utilizing NATURE’s MEDICINE by boosting up natural immunity by consuming BILLIONS of HEALTHY BACTERIA from fermented foods will do wonders to crowd out the unhealthy invaders.

Sauerkraut is high in “lactic acid forming bacteria” and is an excellent upper digestive system stimulant before meals and maintains the perfect pH needed by the digestive system.  Kimchee, Rejuvelac and fermented vegetables are all high in natural lactic acid bacteria.

I also recommended consuming vegetables that are grown in healthy organic soil so you can actually consume small amounts of the bacteria “dirt” that live in the soil known as “soil based organisms” or SBOs.

*Appl Environ Microbiol. 2007 Dec; 73(23): 7697–7702.

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