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Traveling Nature Doc

Volunteering in Dominican

Many of you, especially my patients, have asked me,  “Why do you continue to travel to these far off countries? What do you do there? Why are you not here more often for your patients?  We need you here…”

* * *

I feel this video explains it better than any response I could offer.  This is why i am called from my practice.  This is why I am not always able to be there for all of you.  I truly have patients all over the world, and I want to be there for anyone who I may offer my services to, even if just for a day, or for a moment.

I am thankful beyond words to all of you in the Northwest for your continued support.  I am one person and I want to help many…So why do I travel to these places? Please, watch and see…

If the video below does not show in your browser, please follow this link: Pujols Family Foundation on Facebook



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Dominican Republic

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Southern India

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