May 11

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BOOST THYROID HORMONE and IMMUNITY, and FIGHT CANCER NATURALLY with THIS NUTRIENT!!!— AND we are DEFICIENT in the Pacific North WEST!! and some other places— READ ON!nut
TRACE MINERALS are one of the most IMPORTANT nutrients that I recommend for patients- WHY? because they are ESSENTIAL in enzyme activity– and enzymes don’t just digest food! They are responsible for just about every metabolic activity in the body from nutrient assimilation to detoxification- and SELENIUM is one of the MOST IMPORTANT!.
Selenium is found in foods such as Brazil nuts (70-90 mcg per nut!) , sunflower seeds and garlic, sardines, wild salmon, organic eggs, organic liver, chia seeds, and mushrooms
In 2016, a meta-analysis of 69 studies also found that high selenium exposure (from food but not from supplements) had a protective effect on cancer risk and decreased the risk of the following types of cancers: bladder, breast, lung, esophageal, gastric, colon, prostate
In the study of 1,300 older people, the occurrence of cancer among those who took 200 micrograms of selenium daily for about seven years was reduced by 42 percent compared to those given a placebo!!!
In addition, the men who took selenium had 63 percent fewer prostate cancers, 58 percent fewer colorectal cancers, 46 percent fewer lung cancers and overall 37 percent fewer cancers. Selenium was even found to reduce the risk of lung cancer to a greater degree than stopping smoking.
It’s thought that selenium may exert its anti-cancer effects not only due to its antioxidant properties but also because of its ability to boost immune system function.
Aside from cancer, this immune stimulation may be beneficial for prevention of infectious diseases. Selenium is often mentioned in concert with HIV, as HIV-infected individuals often have low selenium levels.
Some studies have also found an association between selenium deficiency and progression to AIDS, while others have found selenium supplementation may reduce hospitalizations and improve white blood cell counts among this population.11
“Viral and bacterial infections are often associated with deficiencies in macronutrients and micronutrients, including the essential trace element selenium. In selenium deficiency, benign strains of Coxsackie and influenza viruses can mutate to highly pathogenic strains.
Your thyroid contains more selenium (per gram of tissue) than any other organ. Researchers are looking into selenium’s role in Hashimoto’s disease and Graves’ disease as well as its use in pregnant women with anti-TPO (thyroid peroxidase) antibodies. There is also some indication that selenium may be useful for people with chronic asthma, and observational studies have demonstrated that people with chronic asthma may have lower levels of selenium than those without.16
Low selenium levels during pregnancy may also play a role in childhood asthma, although this is still being investigated.17 Selenium has also been found to have a favorable effect on male fertility,18 as it is required for sperm motility. Among women, there is suggestion that it may reduce the risk of miscarriage.19 Beyond this, selenium deficiency has been linked to adverse mood states.
In the U.S., selenium levels in soil tend to be relatively high (northern Nebraska and the Dakotas have soil that is especially high in selenium). However, in other areas such as China, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and Europe, soil levels of selenium tend to be much lower, and if you eat food primarily grown in these areas, a high-quality selenium supplement may be beneficial. Even parts of the U.S. have been identified as selenium-deficient regions, including:
The Pacific Northwest
Parts of the Great Lakes region and east of it toward New England
Parts of the Atlantic Coast
If you live in one of these areas and focus your diet on locally grown foods, you may be low in selenium. You may also have low levels of selenium if you smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, have had weight loss surgery, or have Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. If you choose to take a selenium supplement for health maintenance, you should use it in a high-quality bioavailable form in a low dose (such as 200 mcg).
SOURCE: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2016/04/25/selenium-disease-prevention-benefits.aspx

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