Jun 02

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Boost your Natural Hormones

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Spring HormonesBOOST YOUR NATURAL HORMONES! Happy Spring! I thought it was fitting for a subject on the birds and the bees.

Testosterone is low in 20% of men over 40 and we also commonly see it in women! This can result in low sex drive and performance, flabby muscles, decreased strength and endurance for both sexes. Men can see breast size increasing and body hair decreasing and even depression.

A few tips:

1) discontinue PROCESSED MEATS– cold cuts, pepperoni, salami, etc- these have higher percentages of hormone residues and preservatives that affect the hormones and sperm

2) discontinue DAIRY PRODUCTS– these also can have elevated hormones and fat percentages that drive unopposed levels of hormones.

3) EAT ORGANIC PRODUCE: conventional produce is higher in fertilizers and pesticides that imbalance both estrogen and testosterone in the body

4) avoid PLASTIC bottles and food stored in PLASTIC containers- these have chemicals that also mimic hormones and prevent healthy balance of hormones in the body.

5) DRINK WATER– and LIMIT ALCOHOL and SODA and COFFEE- ample water (64 ounces daily) eliminates the metabolic wastes from the blood which can result in excess hormone balance- while alcohol, soda, and coffee can all cause hormonal imbalances.


Article source- yahoo.com– alternative viagra, five foods for fertility

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