Aug 11

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Heart Disease Risk NOT Lowered by Cutting Saturated FATS

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Choosing “Diet” or “Low-fat” may put you at Risk for Heart Disease

CUTTING ANIMAL and SATURATED FATS doesn’t necessarily lower heart disease risk a report published animal_saturated_fatTuesday concludes.

It’s not because consuming high amounts of these fats is healthy– it is just that people who choose “diet” or “low-fat” alternatives are actually replacing fats with SUGAR!

When fat is cut out of the diet we will naturally gravitate to a higher caloric dense food like sugar and foods higher in carbohydrates- all of these are proven to cause insulin irregularity and result in heart disease.

“Lite” or “low-fat” foods like salad dressings or prepared meals will substitute sugars to replace the loss in flavor from removing the fats.

The Mediterranean diet, is very high in fats (up to 40%) and has shown some of the strongest proven benefits for the heart reducing death by 30%. However these oils are mostly mono-unsaturated and high in olive oil and avocado and nuts/seeds.

In my clinic I see that some people have a higher need for fats (including saturated fats from animals, palm and coconut) and others have a higher need for a vegetarian diet and polyunsaturated fats from nuts and seeds.

The best determinant is to have your chemistry tested! Call our clinic and make an appointment for a metabolic test to determine the best fuel for you!

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Dr. Andrew Iverson


Article Source: USA Today

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