Jan 12

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Our ANSWER to CANCER? – Let’s ACTIVELY Watch and Wait

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chemotherapy-cancerMore and More Doctors are responding to CANCER with: “Let’s wait and see.”

This editorial in the LA times is actually quite well written and confirms that the medical community is beginning to realize we are OVER-DIAGNOSING cancers- specifically of the THYROID, PROSTATE, and BREAST. Our diagnostic tests are finding small and harmless cancers that often lead to extensive treatment for a condition that would NEVER have become problematic if left alone.

Our clinic takes a different approach– “Let’s ACTIVELY watch and wait.” The difference is while we are measuring the labs every few months we are also ACTIVELY improving our health through diet and nutritional support as well as detoxification. In my clinical experience I feel this is much more empowering for the patient to feel they are actually DOING something to promote wellness as opposed to just watching and waiting to see what happens.

Besides creating fear and a huge physical stress on the body going through the treatments of surgery, radiation, and chemo there is a HUGE ECONOMIC burden that patients and insurance companies are left to pay. This puts more financial strain on our fragile healthcare system as it is and on our own pocketbooks.

I recommend ACTIVELY watching and waiting if you are diagnosed with cancer and if the numbers progressively worsen within a couple months then ACT quickly however if they are staying the same or getting better as you test frequently then you can feel more confident you are on the right path.

Be well~

Dr. Iverson


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