May 31

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There are so many uses for this very popular tea traditionally consumed in Mexico and other pahibiscusrts of Latin America-  known as Flor de “JAMAICA” it is LOADED with antioxidants and I have recommended it to my patients as an excellent topical for open wounds or burns sprayed on frequently- to clean and heal.



High in vitamin C, minerals and antioxidants, hibiscus tea has been recognized in both early tradition and modern science as a remedy to calm nervous disorders, treat insomnia, moderate heart problems, decrease inflammation and speed up your metabolism. Pulp from the leaves has been used to make poultices for wounds.

Recently, Nigerian scientists deemed hibiscus better than a leading pharmaceutical at lowering blood pressure. In the study,1 75 participants with mild to moderate hypertension were randomly placed in three groups, each receiving a daily dose of hydrochlorothiazide (a prescription medication), hibiscus (HS) or a placebo.

One study recognized hibiscus for its antioxidant and liver-protective anthocyanins. Tested on human cancer cells, this compound was found to cause apoptosis, or cell death in leukemia cells.4

IT ALSO HAS POWERFUL ANTI-CANCER EFFECTS:  Research has shown that polyphenol-rich extracts of hibiscus induced cell death in human gastric carcinoma cells.11 Hibiscus extract has also induced cell death in human leukemia cells.12
Antioxidant benefits: Research revealed that consumption of hibiscus extract enhanced systemic antioxidant potential and reduced oxidative stress in study participants.13 The study also found a “high biotransformation” of the ingested HSE polyphenols, which suggests the compounds are in a highly bioavailable form.



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