Oct 29

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Heart Disease: Silently Killing Women

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THIS SILENT KILLER takes the lives of over 300,000 WOMEN each year in the USA – do you know what it is? Believe it or not – it is not BREAST CANCER (which is a distant second at 40,000) and it is not DIABETES or STROKE or COPD…. it is HEART DISEASE!

We think of heart disease inflicting overweight men who have a poor diet, don’t exercise, possibly drink or smoke, or have a high stress lifestyle and those are all true, however women often do not have this presentation, sometimes they have perfectly healthy weight, normal labs and EKG, and NONE of the TYPICAL SYMPTOMS- therefore it makes heart disease more difficult to diagnose early and thus more deadly.


1) unusual fatigue 2) difficulty sleeping 3) shortness of breath 4) indigestion 5) anxiety (these may be with or without the classic symptoms of chest pain, arm or jaw pain and breathlessness)
So often they are dismissed as STRESS symptoms, which they can be, but they can also be potentially devastating if ignored.

If you are concerned of heart disease make sure you run not just the typical cholesterol/triglyceride panel but also a few others labs which can also be subtle markers: hsCRP, Lp(a), homocysteine, fibrinogen — Also, ask your doctor to run a “nuclear EKG” which will be more sensitive than a standard EKG or stress test.

Don’t take chances- if you have a collection of the symptoms above see your doctor for a complete evaluation regardless of your perceived state of health.

Be well- Dr. Iverson


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