Jan 10

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grilled-meat-kidney-cancerUniversity of Texas researchers compared 659 patients recently diagnosed with kidney cancer to 699 similar but cancer-free people. They found an association with those who ate larger quantities of meat and especially an association with those who ate grilled or processed meats like hot dogs and lunch meats.

Grilled and processed meat contains PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) and HCA (heterocyclic amines) which are created when proteins and fats in meat converting to carcinogens when exposed to high heat. To reduce these try the following:

1) do not cook the meat to the point of charring- the burned proteins and fats of meat are the major issues.

2) trim the meat of excess fat and cook in a slow cooker or parboil first to reduce the time on the meat is on the grill

3) cook veggies instead of meats- because they are low in proteins and fats they will not form the carcinogens like meat

4) grill fish instead of other meats- it is lower in fats and therefore makes less carcinogens

5) use a marinade of lemon or lime juice with multiple herbs before cooking. these act as antioxidants and reduce the number of carcinogens.

6) especially avoid grilling processed meats like hotdogs and sausages- this is a double whammy of carcinogens.

7) if you are sensitive to any inhaled smoke- you are most likely sensitive to smoked meats which has the same chemicals but consumed orally instead of breathed into lungs

These meat articles kept coming by my attention so i wanted to share with you all so you can be reminded that the best way to cook meats is still SLOW and LOW… baking, roasting or crockpot.

Be well~

Dr. Iverson


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