May 19

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Flu Vaccine ONLY 18% EFFECTIVE Says the CDC!

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VaccineFederal officials at the CDC this week said the flu vaccine is not proving to be very effective. It is performing worse than earlier estimated and even less for children 2-8 (who have a 15% effectiveness) AND the nasal spray vaccine SHOWED NO BENEFIT to children!

“We knew it wasn’t the best vaccine in history, and now we have data,” said George DiFerdinando, professor Rutgers School of Public Health.
CDC says that an average child who got a needle vaccine would only have had a 15-percent reduction in the risk of getting the flu this season!

As Dr. Geier speaks about in the video I posted yesterday— Imagine each year being injected with an ineffective vaccine; the likes of the chemical preservatives injected year after year are COMPLETELY UNKNOWN! Please check out the video and add your comments.I am not against vaccination and I am not against all vaccines. It is PROVEN that they save lives, especially in third world countries. It is my desire to bring awareness that in some instances we have to ask if the benefits outweigh the risks! In my opinion, I have not received enough information that getting the flu shot is more beneficial than risky. In the event of a pandemic- absolutely- let’s line up for the shot- even if it gives us an extra 15% benefit. In these cases I think we would all be open to whatever is available.

Article source: nj.com health and fitness 2-27-15

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