Jun 21

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fireweedLook familiar?  It should!   It is BLOOMING EVERYWHERE RIGHT NOW!!   And… did you know it helps for GUT symptoms, URINARY symptoms and PROSTATE SWELLING AND PROSTATE CANCER!

Fireweed leaf tea works on our small intestine and colon in a similar way to create a healthy environment where beneficial digestive bacteria can flourish.  Herbalist Michael Moore taught that fireweed is also very useful in treating people with Candida overgrowth in their intestines.  It has antifungal properties and also helps to normalize the flora of the gut.

As previously mentioned, fireweed is high in mucilage.  Mucilage acts as a soothing agent to calm irritated tissue.  This is helpful for all mucus membranes: digestive system, for sore throats and for lung congestion.  Fireweed also has antispasmodic properties, making it useful for asthma, coughs and intestinal spasms. Also fireweed has found useful for chronic diarrhea, recovering from food poisoning, prostate inflammation, sore mouth and swollen gums.  It was also used for hemorrhages from the lungs, nose, bladder or uterus.

A study from 2013 showed extracts of Epilobium are ALSO potent prostate cancer cell INHIBITORS!

Make a tea from the dried leaves and flowers and put 1 Tbs dried herb in 12 oz water and take two servings daily




and check out this youtube video!

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