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Is DIRT good for you? Dirty Dirt vs Healthy Dirt

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“God Made Dirt…So Dirt Don’t Hurt!”– remember saying that one? But BEWARE — There is a difference between HEALTHY CLEAN DIRT and BAD DIRTY DIRT.dirt-allergies-asthma-children

I also re-posted an article from our clinic Tacoma Health that shows the benefit of getting your hands dirty to conquer DEPRESSION as well as allowing the built up static electricity to flow from the body into the earth by grounding with bare hands or bare feet. This helps to bring RESTFUL SLEEP and dispel ANXIETY.

ALLERGIES and ASTHMA in children are also benefited by DIRT! The speculation Americans have so many allergies is because we are simply= too clean. Kids are kept in such sterile environments that they never build immunities to common allergens. Besides that the volatile and solvent cleaning chemicals that are toxic and can damage children’s lungs, nervous system, and liver.

A significant amount of research has shown that kids who grow up living on farms with livestock, or with a pet are less likely to develop asthma or allergies. Being exposed to these “SOIL BASED ORGANISMS” (SBOs) is also key factor for GUT IMMUNITY and DIGESTIVE HEALTH- as the bacteria add to your own probiotic flora. This is another important reason to purchase food from FARMER’s MARKETS or grow your own organic- Rinse the roots and plants gently leaving very light dirt residue on the food before eating raw to get your own source of healthy SBOs.

Dr. Joel V. Weinstock, the director of gastroenterology and hepatology at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, said “the immune system“is like an unprogrammed computer. It needs instruction.”
“Children raised in an ultra clean environment,” he added, “are not being exposed to organisms that help them develop appropriate immune regulatory circuits. Even though purifying contaminated water and food have saved the lives of countless children, they also eliminated exposure to many organisms that are probably good for us.”

However BE WARE!! I recommend letting your children play in CLEAN DIRT from the moment they can crawl at 6 months and not the DIRTY DIRT…what? How can DIRT be CLEAN? Dirt that we find in the inner city or that is exposed to highway traffic or that is soiled with animal waste or dirt that could have been contaminated by any chemicals or INDUSTRIAL WASTE (like the dirt here in Tacoma contaminated by the Asarco plant)– AVOID THESE BAD DIRTY DIRTS!!! Instead– make sure the dirt is organic without chemical insecticides, chemical fertilizers or any fresh animal waste– only then would it be considered CLEAN HEALTHY DIRT for the children to play in. YOU MAY NEED TO BRING A LOAD OF HEALTHY CLEAN DIRT ONTO YOUR HOME PROPERTY IF YOU LIVE IN THE CITY– this is the only way to ensure that your children are playing in healthy dirt.

So what does it mean for our kids? It means that all of our cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing is actually doing more harm than good…

Let’s get back to Basics! As written in my book Nature’s Diet (you mean you have not read it yet!!)
Observe Nature and do as the animals — get reconnected with the Earth and see the rewards it brings.

Be Well~

– Dr. Andrew Iverson

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