Jul 14

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Milk INCREASES Bone Fractures and EARLY DEATH

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milk-bone-fracture-early-mortalityBOO the MOO! MILK INTAKE now ASSOCIATED with INCREASED FRACTURE risk and INCREASED MORTALITY!

But we’ve been trained that “milk does a body good”, right? Well, it seems that the dairy industry bought a very powerful slogan that kept the faith for many years. However– the TRUTH is out!

The Swedish Mammography Cohort reviewed 61,433 women and 45,339 men aged 35-79 and found those who consumed three or more servings of milk daily had increased rates of fracture and higher rates of early death in general. This was particularly pronounced in the group of women.

Milk has been touted to be essential for bone building as it contains calcium, protein, and added vitamin D however it is also high in “galactose” which is associated with oxidative stress, chronic inflammation, neurodegeneration, and decreased immune response- all making us more susceptible to disease and death!

Interestingly, the intake of FERMENTED dairy products was not associated with the oxidative stress and inflammation.

The researchers say, “Our results may question the validity of recommendations to consume high amounts of milk to prevent fragility fractures.”

She closes, “As milk consumption may rise globally with economic development and increasing consumption of animal source foods, the role of milk in mortality needs to be established definitively now.”

Just as I have written in Nature’s Diet, by observing Nature we already have insight to this information. No animals continue to drink milk after they have been weaned and no animal suckles milk from another species of animal. Our physiology is designed to accept and assimilate only human milk as we are babies only–not beyond that age. Milk is for making a baby grow rapidly, and for our western society, we don’t need to do any more growing–especially not around our waistlines!

Cut out the milk and instead choose to make your own grain or nut milks (recipes in Nature’s Diet Cookbook) or choose to drink what all the animals of Nature drink— good ole fashioned H20!

Be Well~

– Dr. Iverson



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