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Every day in my clinic I witness little health miracles in my patients because of the power of Nature’s Healing.  And every day I dig into medical literature to uncover the latest medical findings revealed in cutting edge health research. By sharing these personal clinical insights and scientific breakthroughs, my hope is for you to pass on this information with your friends and family so we can help one another attain a greater sense of health and well-being and together heal the world.

I have seen so many patients who thought their condition was hopeless or untreatable, only to see them gain a great sense of vitality, physical strength and mental confidence as they adopted “Nature’s Diet” and other sound health principles.  It is my dream to open peoples’ eyes one person at a time by reaching out and teaching about the healing potential that is available to each one of us through Nature.  This is especially important for our youth so they can build strong bodies and minds from the beginning, and they may avoid the diseases by which their parents and grandparents suffered.

When not in my clinic I’m exploring extreme corners of the world, seeing patients in need and educating local communities on how to live a healthier life with the medicine Nature provides.   During these medical outreaches I am gifted in return as I learn so much about the different cultures, their health, their lifestyle, and their environment. Sometimes I am especially honored with a personal lesson from a local healer on the application of ancient medical wisdom which has been passed on for generations to help their people.  When I share these experiences in my writings, this is the gift I bring home to you.

Thank you for following my page.  I hope that you will be inspired by all that you learn.

Be well, and enjoy~
Dr. Andrew Iverson

About Dr. Iverson: Dr. Andrew Iverson’s medical expertise lies in the fields of nutritional medicine, pH balance, and detoxification through fasting and botanical medicine also known as “Nature Cure.” Mentored by a classical naturopath at a young age, he went on to obtain a degree in biopsychology at the University of Washington, in medical botany from Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing, and a doctorate from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in, Portland Oregon. He has also exchanged healing traditions with native practitioners in Central and South America, Australia, Europe, India and Africa. He is the founder and director of Tacoma Health in Tacoma, WA and the author of Nature’s Diet: Heal Your Body and Stay Healthy by Following Nature’s Simple 21 Day Plan, Nature’s Diet Cookbook & Meal Planner, and Nature’s Detox  ( )

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