Jul 20

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diabetesResearchers analyzed 301 randomized clinical trials consisting of 120,000 patients with type 2 diabetes and found that Metformin was the ONLY DRUG that performed better than PLACEBO in preventing mortality.

Their are five different “classes” of drugs that are used to lower blood sugar and in this study it showed none prevented mortality like metformin or placebo. (sulfonylurea, thiazolidinedione, dpp-4 inhibitors, α-glucosidase inhibitors and basal insulin)

MY OPINION BASED ON THESE FINDINGS: be cautious as well as optimistic! Firstly, the studies only tested mortality- or the actual deaths caused by not taking the medicine, they did not say if the drugs prevented the symptoms related to the progression of diabetes. We do not know if the drugs prevent against blindness, kidney disease, peripheral neuropathy, heart disease, stroke, or cancer- We just know that one who has diabetes will likely not live longer because of taking medication alone.

The positive bend here is we CAN HAVE A GREATER IMPACT THAN DRUGS… JUST BY RETURNING TO HEALTHY LIVING- Diabetes is one of the few chronic conditions along with heart disease that can be dramatically REVERSED with DIET ALONE. Therefore following the Diet as I have written in NATURE’s DIET book as well as the detox program I am writing in NATURE”s DETOX (a method of fasting and reducing food intake) along with exercise and stress reduction is not only MORE EFFECTIVE it is ALSO CHEAPER and WITH NO DRUG SIDE EFFECTS!

There we have it- another expensive study to PROVE WHAT WE ALREADY KNOW— that the simple mono-molecular therapy of DRUGS can NEVER IMPROVE UPON the vast WISDOM OF NATURE which utilizes literally thousands of intricate chemical complexes derived from a healthy diet to regenerate our unhealthy cells and form a strong defense against disease and invaders.

best in health~ Dr. Iverson

source: http://www.medpagetoday.com/endocrinology/diabetes/59182

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