Jun 21

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csectionC-Sections cause chronic health conditions in the infant because THEY DO NOT RECEIVE an innoculation of healthy bacteria passing through the VAGINAL MUCOSA.
Two new studies are offering some of the clearest snapshots yet of how babies build up protective gut bacteria, adding to evidence that birth by C-section may disrupt that development and lead to OBESITY, DIGESTIVE DISEASES, MENTAL HEALTH DISORDERS, AUTOIMMUNE DISORDERS, ASTHMA, ALLERGIES, AND even HEART DISEASE!
The studies closely tracked infants through toddler-hood and concluded that the first two to three years of life are a critical period for budding microbiomes.
As for babies delivered by C-section, researchers have long known that they harbor different gut bacteria early on compared to vaginally delivered infants who were exposed to their mother’s bacteria in the birth canal.
New York University researchers have begun studying whether swabbing babies delivered by C-section with bacteria from mom’s birth canal makes their microbiomes more closely resemble those of vaginally delivered babies and potentially protects against these diseases.
ALTHOUGH IT IS TOO EARLY TO TELL….if you yourself or you know someone who may have to have a C-section, please ask the delivering doctor to swab the C-sected baby’s eyes, nose, and mouth with the mucous from the vaginal canal post birth to more closely mimic the benefit that is conferred by a natural birth.
source: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/antibiotics-and-c-sections-may-mess-with-babies-gut-bacteria/

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