Aug 23

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Nutritious Whole Mineral Bone Broth

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Dissolving Your Bones into a Healthy Golden Elixir!

There’s more! Part 2, click here.

Nutritious whole bone broth is loaded with minerals because it is 100% bones broken down into water. Learn the health benefits of making your own pure bone broth.

There is a difference between BONE broth and chicken broth (or any other type of meat). Once explained you’ll understand why this recipe is so nutritious.

Chicken broth is made by adding water to bones and letting it boil for 2-3 hours. Bone broth is made by boiling bones until they disintegrate, resulting in a broth much higher in minerals and amino acids.

This homemade bone broth recipe uses a pressure cooker to make broth from only 100% bones and water — nothing else is added! After only a few hours all the bones are dissolved into a nutrient-dense broth, making this truly the simplest and most versatile broth you can use for all your cooking needs.

Why make your own bone broth for soups and cooking? Firstly, even the “organic” broths sold in the store still have additives to make them taste better.  These may be named “yeast extract” or “spices” or even “sea salt” of which some people are sensitive to even small amounts of additives.  These may also be names to hide flavor enhancers like MSG and preservatives.  When you buy the “chicken broth or stock” you are only getting a “meat stock” not a “bone broth” full of all the minerals and free amino acids to repair tissues like joints, skin, hair and teeth and even make enzymes and hormones!  You’re body uses these essential nutrients from animal bones to build a stronger body for you.

In addition to making broth you can use the entire bird, making this recipe one of the most healthy and economical ways to eat; not to mention it will feed your family juicy, savory & wholesome meat for days.

Stay tuned for “Part 2: Nutritious 100% Bone Broth” of this cooking lesson after you’re finished!

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Watch Dr. Iverson to learn about the benefits of this delicious and nutritious broth and how to make it at home.  For more video recipes please subscribe to his Nature’s Diet Cooking Series on YouTube.

Pure 100% Bone Broth Recipe
This is the most versatile of all broths since its flavor is mild for just about any dish. I recommend preparing it in a slow cooker or using a pressure cooker so you can actually break down the bones to some degree and make benefit from the bones and marrow. If you purchase the stock pre-made (like organic Better than Bouillon company) make sure it doesn’t have any monosodium glutamate (MSG) or yeast extract.
  • 1-2 pounds or poultry, fish or beef bones (beef bones will not disintegrate like the others)
  • 1 gallon filtered water
  1. Place the bones in a large soup pot and cover with water (about one gallon.) Bring to a boil, cover, reduce heat to low and let simmer for 4-6 hours for a standard chicken broth.
  2. Choose your method:
    SLOW COOKER: Put the bones and water in a slow cooker/crock pot and let cook on high for 12 hours. Repeat for 1-2 days longer until the bones can be broken down with a masher.
    PRESSURE COOKER: If you have a pressure cooker follow manufacturer's directions, cover pressure cooker, and bring up to high pressure. Reduce heat to obtain gentle, steady release of pressure and simmer 3-4 hours adjusting heat as necessary to maintain constant pressure during cooking. Remove pressure cooker from heat. Follow manufacturer's directions for release of pressure.
  3. After breaking the bones with a masher, allow to cool, strain off the water from the bones and pour into quart or gallon jars. Let the fat rise to the top and skim with a spoon. Use this broth as the basis for soup recipes, sautéing vegetables, and cooking beans and grains.
** Please be aware that beef bones will not disintegrate like other bones. **

PACKING & STORING YOUR BROTH: Wait until your broth is cooled before pouring it in any container other than glass. If you use glass and you plan to freeze it, don't fill the jar all the way. Once cooled, I like to store my broth in freezer zip-lock bags in the size of 2 cups. This makes for easily pulling out just enough for cooking my grains, or a couple bags if I'm making soup. You may also choose to freeze your broth in ice cubes for smaller servings.


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