Aug 27

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ASPIRIN reduces COLON CANCER risk by 45%!

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A new study finds that COLON CANCER RISK was reduced by 45% from taking aspirin. People who took 75 milligrams of aspirin every day for at least five years were 27% less likely to be diagnosed (The baby aspirin which reduces heart attack and stroke contains 81 mg of aspirin.)

As you might wonder- Why Would Dr. I recommend taking a DRUG? Well, simple answer — I am an advocate for the truths revealed through basic science. We have to ask WHY does an aspirin reduce colon cancer risk? What is aspirin doing from a mechanistic perspective? How can we replicate this naturally?

Aspirin has “anti-platelet activity” which means it prevents the binding of platelets that would naturally cause a thickening of the blood and clotting. This would make the blood more thin and thus circulation would be improved = improved oxygen and nutrient delivery and waste elimination.

Second- Aspirin inhibits enzymes called COX (cyclooxygenase) which are responsible for increasing PROSTAGLANDINS which results in THICK BLOOD and INFLAMMATION. And this is the KEY! If we can once again thin the blood and reduce inflammation on a cellular level then we can reverse a major initiator of disease!

Prostaglandins are INCREASED by eating BAD FATS: omega-6 fats found in corn oil, soybeans oil, sunflower oil, safflower, cottonseed oil, fried foods, hydrogenated fats (Crisco), pastries/cookies, margarine, mayonnaise… etc. AVOID THE BAD FATS AND INCREASE the HEALTHY FATS= Prostaglandins are DECREASED by eating FISH which is high in the healthy fat omega 3 as well as eating FLAX SEEDS high in linolenic acid.

Prostaglandins are reduced also by ANTIOXIDANTS such as DARK COLORED FRUITS- bilberries, hawthorn, raspberries, pomegranate, blueberries, blackberries, huckleberries– all purple berries are great protection against elevated prostaglandin. As well as HERBAL EXTRACTS from boswellin (frankincense), green tea, resveratrol, allicin (garlic), quercetin, and curcumin to name a few.
As you can imagine- MY BEST ADVICE would be to boost healthy fish as well as take one or more the antioxidants daily as food or supplement- being sure to rotate the antioxidants regularly each month to diversify the body’s needs.

Since circulation is clearly a key component- i would also recommend all readers to look more into an FDA medical device I recommend to my patients and use in the clinic. The BEMER technology sends PEMF pulsed electromagnetic frequencies into the body increasing circulation in the tiniest of capillary beds. This improves oxygenation of tissues as well as nutrient delivery. Come on by and try the BEMER out for yourself! I would also recommend you watching this link on youtube to learn more and please send me an email if you are interested in how to obtain one for your home use.

Taking a DAILY ASPIRIN can be advantageous for some individuals, however these are drugs and can cause ulcers in susceptible people.

Stop by Tacoma Health today and neutralize your PAIN with a free treatment on the BEMER! As well as boost your ANTI-INFLAMMATORY FOODS to protect against COLON and other CANCERS!


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