Jun 08

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2nd Highest Nutrient Food… CHINESE CABBAGE?

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As you have read by the first article this morning we see the WATERCRESS tops the charts as well as many of the other broccoli family and mustard family plants which are BURSTING with minerals and vitamins.  These are EXCELLENT foods to introduce into your family and they are POWERFUL immune modulators for IMMUNE HEALTH!   They are not common, and that is why they are SO IMPORTANT!  THE BODY LOVES VARIETY!  Do you know any animals that eat the same food all year long?

The Majority of people have not learned about CHINESE CABBAGE-  also known as NAPA CABBAGE and some would also consider BOK CHOY a form of Chinese Cabbage.  Because it is SO high in nutrients use it as a replacement where you might use traditional WHITE CABBAGE.

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