May 04

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braindsA team of researchers at Johns Hopkins University analyzed data from 19 previous studies, and have found A DIRECT CORRELATION BETWEEN ALOPECIA (hair loss and baldness) AND HAIR STYLING techniques. The condition occurs when tension at the hair root causes damage to the follicle, ultimately resulting in hair loss.

Approximately one in every three African American women suffer traction alopecia, with the primary cause being aggressive hair styling. The researchers found extensions, weaves, dreadlocks, braids and ponytails were found to increase hair loss risk and especially damaging on chemically straightened hair.

In my clinic and on my medical outreaches I am seeing more and more women OF ALL ETHNICITIES suffering from pre-mature balding because of the damage caused to the follicles- not just from TENSION but also from CHEMICAL COLORING and the use of flat irons and EXTREME HEAT. It is happening even in TEENAGERS because the follicles may have been repeatedly damaged since a young age.

This is a difficult topic to advise as we each have our own style which makes us feel attractive and confident. I would at the very least recommend a ROTATION of styles. We have to give time for the follicles to RECOVER so I advise my patients to return to their own own natural style between other styles that can damage the follicles. It is MOST IMPORTANT to NOT COMBINE the chemical, heat, and tension styles at one time or the follicles will suffer the greatest IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE.
IT IS ALSO IMPORTANT to RESERVE THESE STYLES for ADULTS to preserve the health of the follicles in children and teens.


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